Glowing Green Smoothie Bowl

Despite the wicked snow storm we were having early this morning, I had a bit of extra time and was feeling inspired. Since we rang in the new year, I’m finding muse in all the social sharing that is taking place with everyone’s new healthy 2016 regime – there have been some beautiful creations posted out there. With that being said, I wanted something different than my typical blend of fruits and veggies.

I recently organized my spice/toppers/baking/coffee/tea cupboard (yes this a thing haha) so I knew I had a handful of delicious add-in ingredients. So I decided to get creative and jazz up my smoothie with something beautiful and even more filling – a smoothie bowl!

I took some of my favourite toppers/ingredients – chia seed, coconut, hemp hearts, and strawberries and topped them onto my trusted Glowing Green Smoothie recipe (limit the water part to keep it on the thicker side).

What a simple and gorgeous dish to start off the morning – it definitely brightened my day!Glowing Green Smoothie Bowl

Be creative. xx

The Little Black Bottle – Activated Charcoal

Yes this is now a thing, activated charcoal is the newest health phenomenon. Not to worry, it’s not the same kind used to light up your grill. The activated kind is processed so it becomes porous and ultra-absorbent, making it safe to consume.

The idea of using charcoal in your beauty routine, has been quite the trend over the last year. You might recall my shout out to bamboo charcoal  properties in my beloved Konjac Sponge. It’s properties to draw out dirt and purify complexions has made charcoal an active ingredient in  face masks, cleansers, and creams.

With the juicing trend peaking, more and more juicers are now attempting to apply the benefits of charcoal to our digestive tract. Acting as a strong detoxifier, charcoal will help rid the body of unwanted substances and toxins. In turn, once the body eliminates these toxins, one will see an increase in energy and a better overall health.  There’s also many other benefits associated with hearth health, anti-aging, weight loss, teeth whitening and fresher breath (to name a few).

My favourite variation of this juice on the market right now is the BBQ Apple Pie from Yamchops. It’s sweet and refreshing and is a major immune booster. It’s a must try in my books!

What’s your favourite charcoal juice combination and from where?


Drink & Detoxify. xx


Last summer I was obsessed with all things watermelon and lime and this summer I am finding my fancy with the blend of watermelon and lemon – yumm so refreshing… After trying YamChops cold-pressed watermelon and lemon juice, I knew I had to start making this one at home; that $9.50 a pop is only justifiable as a treat. Instantly inspired to make my own, I was ready to do just that. Then came my ah-ha moment while harvesting beets from the garden. I thought why not add a few of these red beauties to  pump up the nutrient value for this sweet juice (see their benefits here).

And that is how Beet-Melonade was born. To my anti-beet followers, trust me when I say – you won’t even recognize the beets in this one. Deliciously sweet with a subtle sour tang, this juice is by far my favourite combo this summer and best served cold. Give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts!


Juice or blend half of a watermelon, 1 lemon (I juice with rind) and 4-5 small-medium beets.


Pucker Up. xx

Citrus Sunrise

If our daily sunrise doesn’t get your energy flowing or you don’t quite get the chance to enjoy nature’s wonder in the early AM, skip the java and awaken your senses with this delightful treat. This bright and punchy combination will give you the welcomed perk that we often need first thing in the morning. Major bonus if you are a morning person and can enjoy this sunrise with the sunrise. ❤

I will always 100% opt for grapefruit juice over orange juice to get my daily dose of vitamin C,  but sometimes find that it can be a bit tough on  my taste buds and tum, that I choose not to enjoy it every day. The combination of carrot, golden beets, and mango offer up a sweet finish that balances the tart flavour of the grapefruit, which provides a great alternative to your regular pure grapefruit juice.

This juice is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to help cleanse the body, support your immune, fight the formation of free radicals, increase energy and aid in hydration. Sounds  like a good way to start the day, doesn’t it?

Citrus Sunrise

Juice 2 mangoes, 4 small golden beets, 2 carrots and 2 grapefruits. (yields 2 servings)

Citrus Sunrise

Enjoy the Sunrise. xx