For the Love of Watermelon

Few things are more refreshing than some sweet watermelon on a hot summer day. Watermelon is rich in water, up to 92%, which makes it a great alternative to aid with hydration. It is the perfect snack right off the rind, but if you are looking to add an extra punch, here are two great ways to make watermelon more interesting.

If you are looking for an interesting way to dress up this snack and one that will impress your guests at a summer BBQ. Take three simple ingredients for this tasty treat!

  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 1 lime
  • handful of mint

Cube watermelon, muddle the mint and lime together, and then drizzle the mint/lime mixture over your cubes.

photo 3(1)

Now, if you prefer something to sip on, Watermelonade is perfect to refresh and rehydrate. Simply add chunks of watermelon, lime juice and mint in your blender and voila-the perfect summer sipper!

  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 2 limes
  • handful of mint
  • handful of ice

photo 1(1) photo 2(1)

Not only are these both refreshing and delicious, but there are some added health benefits that come along with watermelon:

  • Vitamin A: Benefits eye health and boosts immunity. Also helps maintain healthy skin, teeth, and skeletal and soft tissue.
  • Vitamin B6: Helps build antibodies needed to fight disease. The body uses B6 to help break down protein and converts it to energy.
  • Vitamin C: Strengthens immunity, to defend against infections and harmful free radicals. Heals wounds, prevents cell damage, promotes healthy teeth and gums.
  • Potassium: Benefits muscle and nerve support. Necessary for water balance which helps with muscle cramps.
  • Lycopene: Benefits Cardiovascular and Bone Health. Aids in disease prevention and lowers the risk of developing heart disease

Refresh Yourself & Enjoy! xx

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