The Little Black Bottle – Activated Charcoal

Yes this is now a thing, activated charcoal is the newest health phenomenon. Not to worry, it’s not the same kind used to light up your grill. The activated kind is processed so it becomes porous and ultra-absorbent, making it safe to consume.

The idea of using charcoal in your beauty routine, has been quite the trend over the last year. You might recall my shout out to bamboo charcoal  properties in my beloved Konjac Sponge. It’s properties to draw out dirt and purify complexions has made charcoal an active ingredient in  face masks, cleansers, and creams.

With the juicing trend peaking, more and more juicers are now attempting to apply the benefits of charcoal to our digestive tract. Acting as a strong detoxifier, charcoal will help rid the body of unwanted substances and toxins. In turn, once the body eliminates these toxins, one will see an increase in energy and a better overall health.  There’s also many other benefits associated with hearth health, anti-aging, weight loss, teeth whitening and fresher breath (to name a few).

My favourite variation of this juice on the market right now is the BBQ Apple Pie from Yamchops. It’s sweet and refreshing and is a major immune booster. It’s a must try in my books!

What’s your favourite charcoal juice combination and from where?


Drink & Detoxify. xx

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