Fanny Factory

Bringing back the Fanny, one pack at a time.

A friend of mine recently started this vibrant and retro company with some of his buds and I am super excited to share his fun new venture with all of you. Introducing…


Fanny Factory, is a small online startup with the mission to eliminate the social stigma behind the fanny pack. Allowing us all the to rock the hands-free life without worry or shame. To be fashionably fun and very functional; the fanny pack is the ultimate accessory for travel, exercise or the ever-so famous music festivals. They just had their smashing debut at WayHome Music Festival and the packs were definitely a crowd favourite!

deft-leopard-print-fanny-pack-1nevermind-fashion-fanny-pack-1Copy of trigger-finger-fashion-fanny-pack1Fanny Factory is reclaiming the beloved ’90’s fanny pack. In designing their own packs, they added some extra storage, a water-resistant fabric and a huge array of bold patterns for you to choose from. From classic black to flamingos and pineapples, there is a pack for everyone. They are compact, comfortable, convenient, and secure and will bring you right back to the ’90’s.

Head over to their shop to check out all the styles.


As a small start  up they are looking for support through their kickstarter campaign. Fanny Packs are trending upwards and they want to help #BringBackThePack and get their rad designs into the hands of every music festival-goer, traveler and exerciser around. So please, click through and help this crew make the fanny pack happen. There’s some great kick backs too, for showing your support.

Once they are in full force, they have some exciting things planned that you will all want to get on board with in terms of partnerships with different charities and custom packs! Once details are ironed out, I’ll be sure to share more!


#BringBackThePack – xx


The Blanket Scarf

If you don’t have one or two of these already, what are you waiting for? 🙂 This oversize take on the traditional scarf is warm and wonderful and can be found just about anywhere. From your mass retailers to your luxury shops, blanket scarves are a favourite must have for the Fall/Winter season, at just about any price point. With an abundance of fabric, this scarf gives you a luxurious yet effortless look and can be worn several different ways.  Wrap it, cascade it, belt it, wear it as a shawl, or drape it poncho style – have fun with it and get cozy!

Here are a few I have found out there that are on point.

Risque Clothing



Top Shop

Get Cozy! xx


Illesteva pushes the norm in eyewear, with a indie chic feel that is classic and contemporary. Not to mention their new eco-friendly line is ultra hip! Founded in 2010, Illesteva is handmade in Italy and France amongst top designers in luxury eyewear. Even though they are the new kids in town, their styles are bang on with the top of the top and their new initiative with “getting in touch with nature” has given them a competitive edge.

Keeping things fashion-forward and the environment in mind, Illesteva just launched their first ever line of eco-friendly sunglasses. Repurposed from cellulose acetate flake and plasticizers derived from organic and sustainable resources, this line is 100% biodegradable, and still holds to a high quality standard. This collection incorporates a full line of top-selling styles with hot frame/lens combinations.

For my Toronto friends, go check out Zane for a new pair of shades.

Women's Leonard Half/Half, Blue Mirror

Women’s Leonard Half/Half, Blue Mirror

Women's Leonard ii, Spider Stripes

Women’s Leonard ii, Spider Stripes

Women's Frieda, Dark Green, Red Mirror

Women’s Frieda, Dark Green, Red Mirror Lens

Men's Capri Tortoise

Men’s Capri, Tortoise

Men's Le Steel,  Bronze

Men’s Le Steel, Bronze

Grab your Shades. xx

The Belt Bag

I dig it and always have! 🙂

Although, not always functional, it is definitely a situational wear when you are looking to go hands free. Belt bags are super convenient and now there are some serious chic options out there! I adore how SJP rocks this Chanel.

Chanel Belt Bag SJPAnd here are some of my other top picks!


Louis Vuitton Nasty GalNasty Gal

Celine Bum BagCeline


Exposed Shoulders

With warmer days ahead, there are many Spring trends that are warming the heart as we brave this -30 degree polar vortex.

This Spring we are baring all – shoulder wise! We felt a bit of cool, sexy, and class with a variety of styles hitting the runways.  With styles that are strapless, off-the-shoulder, slashed to reveal just a peek of shoulder, and bold one-shoulder necklines, it’s time to make shoulder’s part of your daily fitness routine. (Stay tuned for a blog post to help you on that)

I for one can’t wait to pack away the sweaters and bare the shoulders; be inspired with some of these gorgeous looks.


Dream of Warmer Days. xx