Luna de Miel

Now that I don’t live downtown anymore, I unfortunately don’t get out to my favourite shops as much as I would like, but when I do, I am usually delighted with amazing treats.

After a long overdue visit and as a birthday treat to myself, I made a point to pop by my very favourite beauty boutique, The Cure Apothecary  to say hello to a lovely friend and pick up some goods to rejuvenate my skin.

This winter has been so harsh on my face, leaving my skin drier than ever! I have tried everything from masks, serums, balms, etc., in hopes of revitalizing my skin and getting rid of some awful dry spots. However, I wasn’t having much luck and was feeling as though my skin was also looking a tad dull. I guess the post wedding glow does fade (haha).

Thanks to some consultation and a wonderful recommendation, I picked up a bottle of Flores Boticario – Luna de Miel which funny enough means honeymoon in Spanish….now bring back that glow! 🙂

Luna de Miel is a beautiful silky serum made with some amazingly powerful ingredients that soak into your skin, leaving a hydrated and glowy feel. Some active key  ingredients listed on their website are:

Sea kelp bioferment meant to hydrate and moisturize
Rose water to balance
Hyaluronic acid to hydrate
Glycerin to smooth and protect against wrinkles
Pumpkin and carrot oils to give your skin a vitamin boost

Seriously, SO MUCH GOODNESS… your skin will surely thank you. And if you aren’t yet convinced, pop over to The Cure’s site for more information. Or if you’re in Toronto, be sure to pop by The Cure for all your beauty and personal care needs – you’ll be happy you did!


After only a couple weeks of use, I can’t say enough good things about this serum. It immediately jumped to the top of my skincare list and has my skin feeling and looking refreshed. It really is a must have!

One last little trick that I will leave with you when using Luna as part of your daily routine, is to combine one pump Luna with one pump of Rosehip Seed Oil. This will create a magic combination that will give your skin a super hydration boost, plus extend the life of both products. 🙂

Love your Skin. xx


One Love – The Konjac Sponge

The Clairsonic Mia was life changing to my facial cleansing routine, talk about a deep love, I mean clean – deep clean. I did not regret that pricey purchase one bit, until recently, as I was starting to feel it was a bit abrasive and began the hunt for a more natural exfoliating product. And then she died on me, RIP Mia.

Luckily and coincidentally, during one of my regular stops at The Cure I was introduced to this amazing alternative. One Love Organics Konjac Sponge. For those of you who are not familiar, please allow me to introduce you to this must have product.

Made from the root of the Japanese potato-like plant, Konjac. This sponge is a natural, fully sustainable, biodegradable, preservative free product that is used as a calming, exfoliant for all skin types. Helping to dislodge dirt, oils, blackheads, while balancing the acidity of the skin’s impurities.

Once wet, the stiff sponge transforms to a soft and pillowy sponge. I like to think of it as the loofa for your face, it feels so good! Once wet, apply your favourite cleanser (I am loving Skin Essence Organics, Fresh Facial Cleanser right now), massage onto your skin using circular motions, and rinse.

There are three sponges types to choose from (to test my decisiveness or lack thereof):

  • Rose Clay: for rosacea, sensitive, mature and dry skin
  • Bamboo Charcoal: for oily, combination and problematic skin
  • Original: for normal and all skin types

Even though I have sensitive dry skin, I decided to go big or go home and went with the Bamboo Charcoal. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, the Bamboo Charcoal contains activated carbon and minerals which absorb toxins, remove excess oils and fight hard to reach bacteria. I’m on week three and no regrets!

If you are looking for a new way to perk up your skin regime, grab yourself a Konjac Sponge.

One Love Organics

 One Love. xx

Skin Essence

Sorry for the hiatus folks. I have been in the midst of moving and unfortunately blogging has taken a backseat, but don’t fret I am back! While living out of boxes for the past month between the old place and the new, life just hasn’t had its regular routine. Thank goodness we are almost settled in at CasaDelSal and things can finally get back to normal.

While things have been a bit out of whack over the last little while, my skincare routine has fortunately stayed in tack and thankfully so with the colder weather hitting the skin. Many of us make it part of our daily routine to eat well and keep active to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while not thinking twice about what we put onto our skin, our largest organ. A couple months back at The Cure Apothecary, I instantly fell in love with the organic skincare line Skin Essence. This company and product line has educated me on the importance of using organic product and being just as mindful about our skincare routine as we are with our diet and fitness.

Skin Essence uses nature’s extracts, essential oils and minerals to nourish and keep our skin healthy. My daily regime consists of three of their high quality products,  Nourish facial moisturizer, Ocular eye serum and Rosehip Seed oil. All of which work easily together to provide my skin with the nourishment and protection it needs. Within days I noticed an improvement of my skins tone and texture.

The must have item is definitely the Rosehip Seed oil. It is the one product I swear you will not want to live without. This oil is extracted from the seeds of a native rose plant and is one of nature’s richest sources of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. It feels like silk on your skin and helps with restoring moisture, toning, reducing wrinkles/fine lines, minimizing scarring, and healing and rejuvenating skin cells and tissue. It really is the miracle oil.

Add it to your wish list this Christmas or for those looking for gift giving ideas, this is a great option!


Nourish & Protect. xx