Shoulder Challenge

While I am not much of a fitness buff, I do have my go to arm workout that I revert back to every now and again to keep things tight – see Figure 1.

While these are great, I like to try and keep things interesting by kicking it up a notch every now and then with some sort of challenge. And with Spring just around the corner and the occasion to bare shoulders once again (with one of this year’s hottest trends), I thought it’s the perfect time to test out this 30 day shoulder challenge to shape up for Spring- see Figure 2.

Figure 1

Figure 1

 I challenge you to 30 days of shoulders.

Figure 2

Figure 2

 Let’s do this! xx

Exposed Shoulders

With warmer days ahead, there are many Spring trends that are warming the heart as we brave this -30 degree polar vortex.

This Spring we are baring all – shoulder wise! We felt a bit of cool, sexy, and class with a variety of styles hitting the runways.  With styles that are strapless, off-the-shoulder, slashed to reveal just a peek of shoulder, and bold one-shoulder necklines, it’s time to make shoulder’s part of your daily fitness routine. (Stay tuned for a blog post to help you on that)

I for one can’t wait to pack away the sweaters and bare the shoulders; be inspired with some of these gorgeous looks.


Dream of Warmer Days. xx