30 day challenge

30 Days of Yoga

Whether you are a newbie to Yoga or a Yogi master, I think you will love 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. While I prefer the challenge and focus of my favourite classes in a hot studio,  Adriene’s YouTube channel has helped fill in the gaps in the comfort of my own home, when getting to the studio isn’t so easy. And surprisingly, her 30 days has been much more challenging than I thought.

This challenge will take you through 30 days of yoga with a 15-30 minute video and minimal equipment required (just your mat and yoga block). The biggest struggle I find with my practice is consistency and getting on my mat regularly. With Adriene’s short video’s, it is almost impossible to say we are too busy. Sadly though, I have found myself skipping out on my regular practice, as summer has been quite full and let’s face it routines are tough and we aren’t perfect. Remember, if life gets in the way from you hitting the mat, don’t get down on yourself, just keep your goal in sight. It’s important to keep focus on the benefits that come with daily practice and to remember a short practice is better than no practice. It is amazing how daily practice quickly improves the clarity of your mind and how your body feels.

Adriene’s mission with the 30 day challenge is to inspire you to find what feels good. To connect with this 30 day commitment to deepen your practice and take the time play. It’s all about concentrating on the fundamentals. And I will  note that she is also a delight to practice with.

With a new season ahead, I am going to start from the top again and commit myself to 30 days. I challenge you to join me and take the 30 day challenge. You will not regret it. 🙂

30 days

Ready, Set, Yoga. xx


Shoulder Challenge

While I am not much of a fitness buff, I do have my go to arm workout that I revert back to every now and again to keep things tight – see Figure 1.

While these are great, I like to try and keep things interesting by kicking it up a notch every now and then with some sort of challenge. And with Spring just around the corner and the occasion to bare shoulders once again (with one of this year’s hottest trends), I thought it’s the perfect time to test out this 30 day shoulder challenge to shape up for Spring- see Figure 2.

Figure 1

Figure 1

 I challenge you to 30 days of shoulders.

Figure 2

Figure 2

 Let’s do this! xx