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Brain on Fire

Eye-opening and brave, this read will keep you turning page after page.

I was captivated within seconds of  reading Brain on Fire written by Susannah Cahalan. This bestseller is a powerful memoir of Susannah’s medical mystery. Her narrative takes us through the story of how her 24 year old self went from vibrant living to a life of being violent, psychotic and bed bound. She is vulnerable in her writing and bravely honest with each stage of her nearly missed diagnosis and an unremembered month with moments she can only recollect through her parents journals, medical records, interviews and video footage. Keeping you engaged as each chapter passes, this story takes you on a journey of survival and perseverance; of love and of strength.

If you’re into autobiographic writing, I will say that Brain on Fire is unquestionably important for all humans to read. As Cahalan writes “It’s a reminder of  how fragile our hold on sanity and health is and how much we are at the utter whim of our Brutus bodies.”

Brain on Fire

 Keep calm & read on. xx

Journey of Souls

Mind-blowing, transformative, everything that I have hope for.

Journey of Souls written by Michael Newton, Ph.D is extraordinary; as Newton explores the spirit world through regressive hypnotherapy and uncovers what happens between lives, as a reader you are left in awe. This read is focused on the experiences of Newton’s patients when he dives into  the space between lives and what that journey is like, how we choose our lives, and how we interact with the souls who accompany us on our journey. Most of what I’d hoped for about in life and between lives was affirmed and expanded in detail with all 29 remarkable case studies outlined in this book.

If you have the slightest interest on what awaits you on this journey in life, this is a must read! It is brilliant and will make you more aware of your inner self and all those around you, without any religious teachings imposed. Each page will have your heart and mind filled with wonderment and you will be quickly turning to the next page for more and more awe-inspiring words.

Once finished I was definitely yearning for more and luckily for myself and all readers, Newton has released a second book Destiny of Souls, which dives into 70 case studies and is much more comprehensive. I just started to read it, so I’ll keep you posted! Journey of Souls

Enjoy the journey. xx!

If on a winter’s night a traveler

If on a winter's night a traveler

Italo Calvino is arguably one of Italy’s greatest modern novelist and in my opinion a literary genius. If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler is a rare find – challenging yet brilliant to read – a true original. It’s been quite awhile since I read this one, but I am still astonished on how Calvino pulled this one off. This novel left me frustrated at times, yet entertained and intrigued to continue reading. You will realize soon after you start this one that you have to keep reading! The protagonist of this novel is you – the reader (written in second person) – it’s quite clever indeed! You are tied into the plot as soon as you start reading with the attempt to finish Calvino’s novel. However, problems keeps occurring, obstructing that ultimate mission. Combined you find, 22 passages, that are split between; the second-person narrative, that concerns the reader’s adventures in reading, If on a winter’s night a traveler and stories that are the first chapter of 10 different novels. All varying in style and genre from danger, mystery, sorrow, and romance that break off as they reach climax.

This novel explores how and why we read, touching on postmodernism, post-structuralism and existentialism. Calvino opens up the discussion of the interpretation of novels and subjectivity of their meaning. He theorizes how novels are open to infinite interpretations and that the meaning is determined by the reader rather than the author. He touches on how novels offer readers a reason to escape their convoluted structure of life, offering a pathway to their own personal meaning.

I absolutely recommend this read for all literature lovers, don’t get discourage and embrace the confusion; it will blow your mind.