Journey of Souls

Mind-blowing, transformative, everything that I have hope for.

Journey of Souls written by Michael Newton, Ph.D is extraordinary; as Newton explores the spirit world through regressive hypnotherapy and uncovers what happens between lives, as a reader you are left in awe. This read is focused on the experiences of Newton’s patients when he dives into  the space between lives and what that journey is like, how we choose our lives, and how we interact with the souls who accompany us on our journey. Most of what I’d hoped for about in life and between lives was affirmed and expanded in detail with all 29 remarkable case studies outlined in this book.

If you have the slightest interest on what awaits you on this journey in life, this is a must read! It is brilliant and will make you more aware of your inner self and all those around you, without any religious teachings imposed. Each page will have your heart and mind filled with wonderment and you will be quickly turning to the next page for more and more awe-inspiring words.

Once finished I was definitely yearning for more and luckily for myself and all readers, Newton has released a second book Destiny of Souls, which dives into 70 case studies and is much more comprehensive. I just started to read it, so I’ll keep you posted! Journey of Souls

Enjoy the journey. xx!

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