Illesteva pushes the norm in eyewear, with a indie chic feel that is classic and contemporary. Not to mention their new eco-friendly line is ultra hip! Founded in 2010, Illesteva is handmade in Italy and France amongst top designers in luxury eyewear. Even though they are the new kids in town, their styles are bang on with the top of the top and their new initiative with “getting in touch with nature” has given them a competitive edge.

Keeping things fashion-forward and the environment in mind, Illesteva just launched their first ever line of eco-friendly sunglasses. Repurposed from cellulose acetate flake and plasticizers derived from organic and sustainable resources, this line is 100% biodegradable, and still holds to a high quality standard. This collection incorporates a full line of top-selling styles with hot frame/lens combinations.

For my Toronto friends, go check out Zane for a new pair of shades.

Women's Leonard Half/Half, Blue Mirror

Women’s Leonard Half/Half, Blue Mirror

Women's Leonard ii, Spider Stripes

Women’s Leonard ii, Spider Stripes

Women's Frieda, Dark Green, Red Mirror

Women’s Frieda, Dark Green, Red Mirror Lens

Men's Capri Tortoise

Men’s Capri, Tortoise

Men's Le Steel,  Bronze

Men’s Le Steel, Bronze

Grab your Shades. xx

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