Juice it Up

Happy Friday Friends! I know another juice post (#sorrynotsorry), but these two juice combinations are must shares, I promise I’ll keep it short!

Kiwi’s are a favourite snack of mine and not once did I ever think to add kiwi’s to my smoothie or juice, until now. I can’t believe I missed out on such a flavourful combination for so long. This Green Zinger will definitely leave you wanting more.

Green Zinger1 bunch of kale, 1 cucumber, 2 pears and 5 kiwi’s – best served on ice (my preference anyways!)

Next up, is my Sweet Beets combination loaded with antioxidants. Note- this one can get a bit messy, especially with a white kitchen!

Pomm, Beet , Carrot, Ginger Juice2 carrots, 2 beets, a knob of ginger and 1-2 pomegranates – Voila Sweet Beets!


 Happy Weekend. xx


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