The Best Nudes

I love a bold lip and have my favourite hues in constant rotation. However, this summer I have embraced the nudes to change things up. It’s important when choosing a nude shade to not actually go for the naked look but to find the perfect balance for your skin tone, avoiding looking ghostly pale or washed out and tired. Here are some tips when picking the right hue to lighten your face.

Marc Jacobs recently released a gorgeous 7 shade collection called New Nudes, which peaked my interest in experimenting a more subtle lip. There are some great options and a shade for everyone in this collection, so be sure to check it out!

Keep it Nude with my top picks for your lips-

 Role PlayMarc Jacobs Role Play

Please Me

Mac Please Me

UnderstudyMarc Jacobs Understudy

Pink PlaidMac Pink Plaid

Pago PagoNars Pago Pago

Kisses. xo