Float Toronto

Float Therapy

Complete solitude, exploration of the mind, therapy of the body and soul.

Float Therapy was invented by John Lily to isolate your senses. ~900 lbs of Epsom salt added to body temperature water in a dark tank. Allowing for no distractions – objectively, just your mind to meditate and explore.

If you have yet to try Float therapy, it’s time for you to give it a go. Take the moment to fall into a blissful state of awareness; I promise you it’ll be the best decision you’ve made in a while. 🙂

Life can become overly distracting with a constant input coming in, which takes away the resources of our minds. This quietness and weightless feeling of floating is the perfect way to shut off. I’ve yet to find another outlet that gives this type of relaxation.

Don’t be discouraged on your first go, as it can take a few times to get comfortable with the experience and really appreciate the state of being in a pod of darkness. It’s hard for us as humans to completely shut off with no input, which can be hard for the mind to manage. However, once you do it a few times you will get used to it and that 1-2 hours  of solitude will be life changing.

I remember my first time was relaxing but also a bit distracting, trying to get it all right. However, every time since has been complete solitude, drifting in and out of consciousness. It is an other worldly experience, as if you are floating through space. When you have no signals coming in from the body, no sensory input – your mind really becomes superpower.

Floating is great for stress relief, clearing the mind to gain objective thinking, reasoning and creativity.  It’s known for it’s benefits with athletic performance and recovery. Which I can personally confirm that a post-race float is favourable in recovery and I try to take advantage of a float after combating those longer distances whenever I can.

Float Tank

In addition, floating supports healing, strengthens our immune system, increases the body’s ability to detoxify and reduces inflammation. Not to mention evoking a feeling of overall well-being. It really is complete bliss! (For more information – check out Float Toronto).

Float On. xx