Make it Happen

After realizing several of my goals were carried over from 2013, I realized I had to set the goal for myself to “Make it Happen.” These goals were things I have always wanted to do, but always got pushed aside. The hectic lives we live, should be no excuse to not make time to do things for you.

A goal of mine has been to run more races, in particularly a Half Marathon. Well this year I am committed to Making it Happen! I just registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon in October and am super pumped for it! And now I have made myself publicly accountable- yikes!

The last 4 years I have had a real love/hate relationship with running. I wish I could take that runner’s high and stow it away for when I’m lacing up and dreading the miles ahead. Once I’m out there, there are no regrets, it’s just needing that initial push.

I’ve started getting out 3-4 times a week and look forward to it knowing that I am working towards a goal. I’ve learned that it really is mind over matter and that once I’m out there, there are no limits. I’ll keep you updated on the progress that lies ahead.

Happy Running Friends! xx

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